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Video: Metaverse

What impact will the Metaverse have on us? – Experts’ insights from Steve Wozniak and Harper Reed

👾Well, some say it’s a disruptive technology, others would not really agree. What would the Metaverse disrupt? And wouldn’t a disruptive technology be somewhat established already?

⏳The Metaverse doesn’t even exist in its final form, yet. Meta is planning to finish their platform within the next 5 years…

⚡️So what kind of impact does this virtual universe actually have? … Or what kind of impact ‘could’ it have in the future?

❓While marketing departments are hyping up all the possibilities that are supposed to come with the technology, most people don’t even have a clue what it is actually about.

💬In a GWI survey from 2022, 33% of the people interviewed understood the concept, 37% had heard of it before but weren’t sure what it means, and 30% weren’t sure at all.

💡However, even among the people who know more about the technology, there are only few who see a positive impact coming from the technology.

🌟26% of the people asked in a McKinsey study from June 2022 expect a positive impact from the Metaverse and virtual reality on their digital interactions.

❗️51% stand neutral while 23% expect a negative impact from the technology.

🤓What do tech experts think about this?

💎At Digital X in Cologne, we asked computer engineer and Co-Founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak, as well as technologist and CEO at General Galactic Corporation, Harper Reed, all about disruptive technologies, innovation and the Metaverse.